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Bedour Ibrahim

With the transfer of government ministries

El Batal Developments" finished concrete works of the largest administrative building، the government district in the Administrative Capital

Monday 30/January/2023 - 11:26 AM
أصول مصر

"El Batal Developments" Company will be preparing during next February to complete all concrete works for its "Rock Capital 1" project، the largest project Administrative in the heart of the government district in the New Administrative Capital، in order to confirm its seriousness and despite the economic challenges and lack of liquidity from which most companies have suffered during the past months، and with the start of the transfer of government ministries to it.

"El Batal Developments" Company opened a sales office in the heart of the "Rock Capital 1" project in the New Administrative Capital as it is  keen to communicate permanently with its clients and provide them with opportunities to review the project on the site.

Eng. Emad Doss، CEO and Managing Director of "El Batal Developments" confirmed that  commitment and credibility are the most important principles that the Company has been keen to consolidate over more than 44 years، which enabled it to maintain its customers' confidence in Egypt and inside and outside the borders of the Arab world.

Commitment to delivery 

"El Batal Developments" has implemented over the past years، pioneering projects with a commitment to delivery on the time specified in contracts and with quality that exceeds customer expectations، Eng. Emad Doss indicated، noting that the Company will be among the first companies to deliver administrative buildings of the government district، the Administrative Capital، in accordance with  the current implementation rates.

He stated that the speed of completion of the "Rock Capital 1" project in the New Administrative Capital، writes a new line in the excellence and seriousness of "El Batal Developments" and contributes to maintaining the continuity of customers' confidence in it، despite the many challenges in the property sector.

The highest investment returns 

The "Rock Capital 1" project was able to achieve the highest investment returns in a record time، which reflects its excellence and added value as it provides a built-up area of 100،000 square meters، and is located on an area of 21،581 square meters.

The "Rock Capital 1" project is characterized by a privileged site in the heart of the government district in the capital، with a direct view of the presidential palace and the presidential garden، near the most important landmarks of the capital and the airport، in addition to its connection to the transportation network and main roads. 

This project consists of two underground floors with an area of 22 thousand square meters equipped for electric cars، as well as a ground floor and 7 repeated upper storeys.

"El Batal Development" Company has been operating in the Egyptian market for more than 44 years and was one of the first real estate development companies to expand outside Egypt، specifically in the Canadian market.

It implemented a series of distinctive projects in the Egyptian market under the name of "Rock" in east and west Cairo، such as Rock Eden، Rockville، as well as Rockvira، and recently launched three other  projects including، rockyard in Sheraton، and Rock Capital 1 in the New Administrative Capital.