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Job seekers have the highest levels of familiarity

New IBM survey reveals that 90% of individuals that earned a digital credential agree that it was helpful in achieving their career goals

Sunday 05/March/2023 - 04:18 PM
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•      90% of respondents feel confident they can develop skills or learn something from an online platform 

•      IBM is adding 45 SkillsBuild collaborations around the world to bring STEM education closer to underrepresented communities


Job seekers، students، and career changers in Egypt want to pursue roles related to science، technology، engineering، and mathematics (STEM) across different industries، and anticipate that the career opportunities in these jobs will increase in the next 10 years. 

While the majority of all audiences in Egypt are familiar with digital credential programs، and job seekers have the highest levels of familiarity، those that have earned a digital credential overwhelmingly agree that it was helpful in achieving their career goals. In addition، cost is top-of-mind for all audiences، as it’s one of the most important factors to consider when deciding to earn a digital credential.

Interviewing 14،000 respondents

These were some of the local findings from a new global study that IBM unveiled. The study، administered by Morning Consult and commissioned by IBM، is based on more than 14،000 interviews of students، people seeking new jobs، and people seeking to change careers. In Egypt، participants representing all three groups participated in the online interviews، and the data were weighted to target population proportions for a representative sample based on age، gender، and educational attainment. 

Marwa Abbas، General Manager، IBM Egypt، said: “With the ongoing revolutionization and changing dynamics that accompanies digitization across industries، the job market across industries also reflects this paradigm shift. This is why it’s important for the new generations to learn and explore themselves and gain skills for future careers. Science and technology play a major role in fueling success stories by instilling a passion for innovation. We are committed to work with our IBM SkillsBuild partners to offer multiple railways for those who want to pursue a future in tech، especially among underrepresented communities.” 

To help bring STEM education closer to historically underrepresented communities in the field، IBM is announcing 45 new educational partners around the world. These IBM SkillsBuild collaborations across social service، economic development، and vocational organizations، as well as government agencies، and universities، will make free online learning widely available، with clear pathways to employment. Many of these organizations focus on specific communities that are underrepresented in technology and will help skill women، including mothers returning to the workforce، ethnic minorities، low-income individuals، and refugees. 

Study Shows Misconceptions and Opportunities in Tech and Beyond

The IBM / Morning Consult study revealed perceptions from interviewed students، career changers، and job seekers who are interested in a role in Science، Technology، Engineering، and Mathematics (STEM):

About STEM training: Survey respondents in Egypt are confident that online training and digital credentials can help them reach their goals 

•      90% of respondents that have earned a digital credential agree that it was helpful in achieving their career goals.

•      90% of respondents feel confident they can develop skills or learn something from an online platform and know how to find information online about things they are interested in

•      Cost as the most important factor to consider when thinking about developing their skills and earning a digital credential; Job Seekers equally consider whether the program is self-guided with no time limit

•      One-third of respondents plan to take online courses to improve their skillset in an industry different than the one they currently work in.

STEM jobs

Respondents are generally unsure of which careers are considered to be a STEM job، although all groups are most likely to classify Software Developer positions as STEM jobs

•      63% of Job Seekers in Egypt report they are familiar with STEM jobs، but more than half of Students and Career Changers say they are unfamiliar

•      60% of Job Seekers and 62% Career Changers are interested in working in a STEM job

Respondents are optimistic that roles in STEM fields across sectors will increase in the future

•      80% of students، 84% of Career Changers and 91% of Job Seekers in Egypt anticipate an increase in STEM job opportunities in the next 10 years

Through a holistic approach to investing in the future of work، IBM is supporting learners and helping tackle their misconceptions about technology and STEM careers. IBM SkillsBuild is bringing free technology training available to learners all over the world، with a focus on underrepresented communities in tech. Online training، like the courses offered by IBM SkillsBuild، is most effective when it is delivered collaboratively with local partners. Community experts enrich course content through project-based learning and connect learners with real career opportunities. To this end، today IBM SkillsBuild is proud to announce 45 new and expanded collaborations around the world.

Through collaborations like these، IBM continues to progress towards its commitment to skill 30 million people globally by 2030.

*Methodology: This study was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of IBM from November 2 - December 20، 2022. The study was conducted among a sample of 4،926 Students، 4،629 Job Seekers، and 4،628 Career Changers in 13 countries (Brazil، Canada، Egypt، France، Germany، India، Japan، Mexico، Singapore، Spain، UAE، UK، and the US).

A free education program

IBM SkillsBuild is a free education program focused on underrepresented communities in tech، that helps adult learners، and high school and university students and faculty، develop valuable new skills and access career opportunities. The program includes an online platform that is complemented by customized practical learning experiences delivered in collaboration with a global network of partners.

The open version of IBM SkillsBuild is an online platform that offers over 1،000 courses in 19 languages on cybersecurity، data analysis، cloud computing، and many other technical disciplines — as well as in workplace skills such as Design Thinking. Most important، participants can earn IBM-branded digital credentials that are recognized by the market.

The enhanced partner version of IBM SkillsBuild may also include workshops، expert conversations with IBM coaches and mentors، project-based learning، access to IBM software، specialized support from partners through the learning process، and connection to career opportunities.