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Bedour Ibrahim

Tatweer Misr CEO

Dr. Ahmed Shalaby: Our projects achieve a 500% return on investment

Wednesday 15/March/2023 - 09:27 AM

Since its launch in the Egyptian real estate market، Tatweer Misr has adopted an integrated strategy that is built on producing products that achieve added value and attract foreign clients، as the real estate company is working on exporting Egyptian real estate، especially amid the advantages and the big infrastructure the Egyptian market owns.

 Dr. Ahmed Shalaby Tatweer Misr CEO and Managing Director

Quality، excellence، and creativity are factors that distinguish Tatweer Misr in meeting the needs of our foreign clients

Tatweer Misr is keen to participate in a number of the international real estate exhibitions to promote investment opportunities in the Egyptian market. The real estate developer is also keen to annually take part in the MIPIM exhibition and has achieved significant outcomes during its participation in the last few years.

Tatweer Misr CEO and Managing Director Dr. Ahmed Shalaby said that the real estate company will be present at the MIPIM 2023 exhibition as a part of its duty to boost investment in the Egyptian real estate market، along with keeping connections with the international funds and mega investors، and reviewing the positive results achieved to prove the continuity of the development and construction work implemented by the Egyptian state that is offering its continuous support to investments.

Shalaby stressed that MIPIM is one of the most important real estate and property exhibitions worldwide and is considered a symposium that gathers real estate investors worldwide to get to know the latest opportunities in the construction، smart، and technological solutions sectors، in addition to signing partnerships and cooperation agreements between companies.

He said that the goal of MIPIM is to market the states real estate around the world and the available opportunities in it، along with the real estate market strength and investment climate amid the participation of mega private sector real estate companies.

Returns on investments

Shalaby said that the returns on investments in Tatweer Misr projects ranged between 300 percent and 500 percent over seven years، which reflects the significance of the projects implemented by the real estate developer and the added value they present، as well as the significance of the after-sales services that Tatweer Misr offers.

Tatweer Misr aims to raise its total number of delivered units to 4500 units by the end of 2023

Tatweer Misr is currently implementing integrated projects، among them IL-Monte Galala Ain Sokhna، Fouka Bay and D Bay in the North Coast، Bloomfields Mostakbal City in New Cairo، and Rivers in New Zayed City.

The Egyptian real estate developer started its work in the Egyptian market late in 2015، as its clients achieved returns of over 500 percent in less than eight years.

We are working on six different projects in the east، west of Cairo، North Coast and Ain al-Sokhna

The real estate developer’s CEO pointed out that Tatweer Misr is achieving steady growth annually، as it is currently implementing six projects in different districts located in the west and east of Cairo، along with other projects under construction on the North Coast and in Ain Sokhna.

Over an eight-year period، our sales exceeded EGP 32 bn

It also owns a total of 7.5  million square metres، while 30000 units have already been implemented، with sales of over EGP 32 billion.

Shalaby added that Tatweer Misr had already delivered over 2500 units in the IL Monte Galala and Fouka Bay projects، noting that around 1500 to 2000 units are scheduled to be delivered during 2023، in addition to delivering other units in Bloomfield’s Mostakbal City project.

He stated that the real estate company will deliver a total of 4500 units distributed among its projects by the end of 2023.

Speaking of the details of Tatweer Misr’s current under-construction projects، the Fouka Bay project comes to mind، as it spans over one million square metres (220 feddans) in Ras El Hekma، North Coast. It included 2500 with a total investment of EGP 4 billion، excluding hotel investments.

Meanwhile، IL-Monte Galala stretches over 2.5  million square metres and is located in Galala City in Ain Sokhna. It included around 10000 units، of which 5000 are residential units، while 4000 are hotel apartments and 1000 are hotel rooms، making a total of nine hotels. The IL Monte Galala project’s first phase contained five hotels with a total of 300 rooms، and the second phase included four hotels with a total of 700 rooms.

Tatweer Misr is also currently implementing the D Bay project، which is built over an area of 200  feddans on the KM 165 of Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Rd. in Dabaa district and looks over the Dabaa Axis.

In Cairo، Tatweer Misr’s Bloomfields Mostakbal City project spanned over 415 feddans in Mostakbal City in New Cairo. The multipurpose project’s distinguished location near the New Administrative Capital (NAC) makes it significant for educational، residential، and hotel accommodation usages. It comprised 90 feddans allocated as an educational zone.

And last but not least، the Egyptian real estate developer launched the Rivers project، which is building over 100 feddans in New Zayed City، which is only three minutes away from Sphinx International Airport.

Expansion Plans

Preparing for the launch of a new project of 300 feddans in the North Coast in May

Shalaby revealed Tatweer Misr’s future expansion plans، including launching a new project on the North Coast in May. Around 300 feddans are allocated for building the new project، noting that it will be the sum of the real estate company’s acquired expertise over the last years in the market.

He said that the company is also examining investment opportunities in New Sphinx City، west of Cairo.

Various opportunities in MIPIM

Shalaby said that the company is going to focus on promoting a number of distinguished investment opportunities in its projects، especially hotel and educational projects، during MIPIM 2023.

Tatweer Misr is going to present its educational، hotel، and residential investment opportunities in its projects during MIPIM 2023

He added that the company is implementing mega projects in the educational zone allocated in the Bloomfield Mostakbal City project، among them the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)، two King’s College schools، and two Narmer American College schools، in addition to another school.

He noted that the mentioned projects are among the first phases of the educational zone that is currently under construction.

The educational zone’s first phase is spread over 45 feddans، while other universities will inaugurate their new branches in the second phase.

Bloomfields Mostakbal City to include New Jersey Institute of Technology، 2  Kings College Schools

“We will also focus on other commercial، administrative، and hotel services opportunities during MIPIM، as we are keen on cooperating with mega engineering consultants worldwide to present innovative projects،” Shalaby elaborated.
He noted that Tatweer Misr’s projects came in line with the foreign client’s needs in terms of quality standards، services، finishing، and strategic locations، saying that the projects are located near airports، main road axes، and popular tourist landmarks.

Shalaby disclosed that 25 percent of Tatweer Misr’s total sales are to clients in general.

Egypt has factors for guaranteed Return on investment، including a large market

He affirmed that Egypt is distinguished by a number of factors that attract foreign clients، among them the various tourist destinations that look over both the Red and Mediterranean Seas and the presence of various types of tourism، in addition to moderate weather all year long.

He pointed out that the returns on investments in real estate are the highest in Egypt، home to a population of 110 million people who need residential units to live in and various services such as schools، universities، health، commercial، and entertainment projects.

He stressed the Egyptian state’s role in supporting the investment climate amid setting clear vision and investment laws.