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The unique data center represents the robust collaboration between Benya Group and Khazna Data Centers

Benya Group، Khazna Data Centers and Maadi Technology Park Sign agreements to establish a 25Mw Hyperscale Data Center in Egypt with a Total Investment of USD 250M

Monday 08/May/2023 - 04:59 PM
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The unique data center represents the robust collaboration between Benya Group and Khazna Data Centers and their signing of the term sheet agreement marks Khazna’s entry into the Egyptian market as part of its rapid regional expansion plans.

• The project is Egypt’s first Hyperscale data center and will be constructed in Maadi Technology Park on a plot of land that will be allocated through the Memorandum of Understanding signed during the same event.

• Future plans are to expand the data center’s capacity up to 50 MW.

• The signing was witnessed by Mr. Hossam Heiba، President of General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) and Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Egypt H.E. Mariam Khalifa Juma Mohammed Alkaabi. 

 Benya Group، a top-tier provider of integrated solutions and ICT infrastructure across Egypt and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region، has joined forces with Khazna Data Centers - MENA’s largest network of hyper-scale data centers - to establish the first-ever Hyperscale data center in Egypt. The facility will boast an impressive initial capacity of 25 MW which is expected to double up to 50 MW as expansion plans are put into action. This milestone achievement was made possible through a term sheet agreement that promises unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation in the tech sector، it was signed by Eng. Ahmed Mekky، Chairman and CEO of Benya Group; Hassan Al-Naqbi، CEO of Khazna Data Centers، in the premises of General Authority of Free Zones and Investment (GAFI).

A joint venture 

Following the term sheet agreement between Khazna Data Centers and Benya Group to establish a joint venture to build Egypt’s first hyper-scale data center، an understanding agreement was signed by Eng. Ahmed Mekky، Chairman and CEO of Benya Group; Hassan Al Naqbi، the CEO of Khazna Data Centers; and Eng. Amr Aboualam، Chairman of Maadi Technology Park to secure land at Maadi Technology Park for the new data center. Both signages were in the presence of Mr. Hossam Heiba، President of the General Authority of Free Zones and Investment (GAFI)، H.E. Mariam Khalifa Al-Kaabi، Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Egypt، and a group of executives from both companies. 

With a total investment of USD 250 million، the phenomenal project will be Egypt’s first hyper-scale data center in Egypt to be built at the Maadi Technology Park، covering a total area of 40،000 square meters. Stipulating the management and operation of this hyper-scale data center in Egypt، by taking advantage of the vast expertise and resources of Benya group to expand the project، and the global experience of Khazna Data Centers، which executed and managed a large number of hyperscale data center in the Gulf region. 

The 25 MW project will unlock opportunities for the business sector in Egypt aiming to expand and attract multinational corporations pursuing growth and innovation in the Middle East and North Africa market. 

The new data center in Egypt is part of the government’s efforts to localize IT and improve digital infrastructure، which has led to growth in the local ICT sector and contributed to economic growth. The center will help bridge the gap in Egypt’s digital infrastructure due to the increasing demand for data centers and related services.

Partnership with Khazna 

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Khazna، which will enable us to enter the hyper-scale data center construction sector with full force. This understanding agreement we signed represents a significant step towards strengthening our role in establishing this type of data centers in Egypt، with the support of our partner، Khazna Data Centers، which has an excellent reputation and outstanding expertise in this sector،” said Eng. Ahmed Mekky، Chairman and CEO of Benya Group. “The new hyper-scale data center will not only meet the needs of the Egyptian market but also، through its extensive capabilities، serve African and Middle Eastern countries. It will contribute to attracting more investments for business sectors involving intensive operations، supporting cloud computing and content system operators. In addition، it will encourage major commercial companies to join these giant digital clusters that rely on the latest cloud computing applications، digital technology، and big data. This understanding agreement is also in line with the group's policy to enhance Egypt's digital infrastructure and support the government's plans to increase foreign investments، as well as support the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's policy for digital transformation.” 

Hassan Alnaqbi، CEO of Khazna Data Centers stated: “Khazna has played a pivotal role in the UAE’s digital transformation. This collaboration with Benya Group marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Khazna’s regional presence. We are confident that our expertise and track record in delivering high-quality hyperscale data centers combined with Benya's local knowledge، will enable us to provide customers with the best-in-class data center services in the region transforming Egypt into a pivotal hub for data storage and circulation، connecting all corners of the world. 

A strategic location

“The MTP is a strategic location for establishing telecommunications and information technology companies in Egypt. It offers a range of advantages، such as tax incentives، modern infrastructure، and proximity to various business centers in Greater Cairo. Additionally، the MTP promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration among companies operating in the area، including local and international companies in various sectors of outsourcing، IT، and communications،” said Eng. Amr Aboualam، Chairman of MTP. “These companies benefit from the supportive environment provided by the Ministry of CIT for business development in the region and attracting investments in promising technology industries، such as data centers and cloud computing. 

Mr. Hossam Heiba، President of GAFI، said: “This great project comes in line with Egypt's plan to localize information technology and data centers، especially given the significant development witnessed by the technological infrastructure sector in Egypt.”

As a part of Benya and Khazna collaboration، the new data center marks the first in a series of hyperscale data centers to be introduced to the Egyptian market in the future، aiming to leverage Egypt's strategic location in the middle of three continents. The construction of the new data center is expected to commence later this year.

 Advanced professional system

 Benya Group is a leading integrated solution، digital transformation، and ICT infrastructure provider in Egypt and the MEA region. Through its advanced professional and institutional system، Benya Group offers a rich package of products، services، and digital solutions covering the technological value chain on which developed countries and institutions depend. This package includes technical communication services and solutions related to information security، massive data، information platforms، design and implementation of integrated technological systems، and proactive technical solutions. 

A comprehensive technology ecosystem 

Khazna Data Centers builds and orchestrates a comprehensive technology ecosystem for its customers through its commercial hyperscale data centers that safeguard data، provide trusted turnkey solutions، empower ICT strategies، and enable digital transformation for world-class organizations through highly secure، efficient، reliable، and scalable facilities. Khazna Data Centers provides users with a dedicated، fully built data center space to meet the ever-growing demands placed on businesses in the region today.