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Bedour Ibrahim

Deel aims to be an essential part of merchants' daily dealings

B.TECH’s deel and FilKhedma Partner to Empower Local Retailers in Cairo

Tuesday 09/May/2023 - 03:00 PM
أصول مصر

The new partnership provides maintenance and installation services through the deel app across Greater Cairo

 B.TECH’s fast-growing omnichannel platform serving local electronics retailers and merchants– has partnered with FilKhedma، Egypt's leading online home and office repair and maintenance service provider، to offer after-sales services for electronics and home appliances. The new partnership aims to empower local merchants by providing them with after-sales services for electronics and home appliances through the deel application to help them expand the scope of services they offer for their customers across Greater Cairo hence increasing their income.  

This new collaboration with FilKhedma is part of deel’s ongoing efforts to digitize and upgrade the local retail sector، through its flagship deel app، and empower local merchants and small and medium businesses in the electronics and home appliances field by providing them with a full-fledged digital platform to ensure efficiency and transparency. The new agreement entails offering top-notch maintenance and installation services for electronic retailers and merchants through the deel app to help them save employment expenses، improve the quality of services offered to their customers and cut operational costs.

Empowering the private sector 

Commenting on the partnership، Mohamed Khattab، Executive Vice President of b_labs and  Digital Commerce at B.TECH، said: "Our collaboration with FilKhedma reflects deel’s ever-growing drive to empower the retail sector in Egypt. Through this partnership، we aim to support local merchants and small and medium businesses and help them provide their customers with prime quality to keep up with the huge growth in the local retail sector capitalizing on our vast experience in the Egyptian market and deep-rooted relationship  with various suppliers and service providers.”

Through its value-added services، which include various payment solutions، after-sales services، and buy-now-pay-later services to name a few، deel aims to be an essential part of merchants' daily dealings.

As part of deel’s efforts to improve the overall buying experience، the app offers a wide variety of privileges to merchants through its value-added services (VAS) to ensure an exceptional experience that meets the needs of each merchant. Through VAS، which includes various payment solutions، after-sales services، and BNPL services، to name a few، deel aims at becoming an essential part of merchants' day-to-day life.

On his part، Mr. Omar Ramadan، Founder and CEO of FilKhedma، said: "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with deel. This partnership will enable us to grow our customer network by providing after-sales services to merchants utilizing the latest technology and leveraging the vast expertise of our team. Our goal is to provide high-quality maintenance and installation services at a reasonable price and help retailers enhance the customer experience and meet their needs through deel’s network of merchants.”

Online after-sales services are expected to make a qualitative leap in the Egyptian home appliances and electronics market. This type of service has the potential to enable small companies to digitize maintenance and installation booking requests، provide more efficient and transparent services for customers، and boost the competitiveness of merchants to help them grow their businesses. 

 A digitalized retail operating system 

The all-in-one deel app is powered by B.TECH and is set to create a digitalized retail operating system that aims to empower local merchants. The deel app offers merchants the full spectrum of services to ensure efficiency and transparency while helping merchants start and further grow their businesses. Among the services provided through deel are inventory management، B2B and B2C marketplace listing، marketing solutions، doorstep delivery، store designs، and training courses through B.TECH Academy، in addition to analytical tools and a logistics marketplace through Aramex، Sprint، and Movex.

Currently، deel has a network of more than 5،000 retailers in 27 governorates and offers product delivery services to merchants within 72 hours.

Established in 2014، FilKhedma، is the first Egyptian electronic platform to provide high-quality reliable home and workplace services at affordable prices. FilKhedma’s home services include fixes and installations in plumbing، carpentry، electricity، air conditioning، alumital، satellite dish and painting. In addition to businesses services for administrative offices، shops، restaurants and cafes that include preventive maintenance visits and emergency maintenance visits at a 1-4 hour response time.