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City Edge Developments has infused the project with a sense of individuality and originality

City Edge Developments Unveils V40: A Landmark Project Redefining New Cairo with EGP10 Billion Investments

Sunday 21/May/2023 - 07:10 PM
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•        The first phase of the project will be delivered within 3.5 years.

•        El-Dahan: First-quarter sales of 2023 motivated the launch of the new project.

City Edge Developments announced the launch of its highly anticipated project، V40 in New Cairo. The announcement that took place on Sunday in the company’s sales headquarter in Fifth Settlement، stands as a pinnacle achievement for the company. With its exceptional attributes and unparalleled allure، V40 firmly establishes itself as one of City Edge's most illustrious undertakings.

A strategic expansion policy 

V40 represents a strategic expansion policy aimed at encompassing diverse regions across the country and capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for real estate in Egypt as a secure investment opportunity. Distinctive in design، City Edge Developments has infused the project with a sense of individuality and originality، introducing a fresh perspective to the Egyptian real estate market. The project's units consist of panoramic villas، perfectly positioned to overlook expansive green spaces، natural landscapes، serene water bodies، and crystalline lakes، evoking an enchanting ambiance.

Spanning an impressive 40 acres، V40 dedicates 20 acres to residential villas، encompassing 72 meticulously crafted homes occupying a built-up area of 10،000 square meters، accounting for 12.5% of the total land area. The remaining 87.5% is thoughtfully devoted to verdant gardens، captivating natural surroundings، pristine water features، and shimmering lakes that gracefully envelop the project from every angle. Furthermore، the remaining 20 acres will be transformed into a magnificent commercial، administrative، and recreational haven، offering a contemporary lifestyle experience that epitomizes the epitome of luxury and elegance، establishing new benchmarks for residential living.

Strategically positioned in New Cairo، at the intersection of North 90th and South 90th Streets، V40 enjoys unrivaled proximity to esteemed educational institutions، such as the American University and Future University، as well as conveniently located monorail station، ensuring seamless connectivity within the city. Collaborating with globally renowned and locally esteemed consultancy firms، including Design International and Mimar Architects، City Edge Developments has spared no effort in ensuring the project's realization، with villa deliveries expected after a meticulous construction period of 3.5 years.

Momentous entry into New Cairo

Mohamed El-Dahan، the visionary CEO of City Edge Developments، expressed his excitement about the project، stating، V40 marks our momentous entry into New Cairo. With a planned investment of EGP 10 billion، City Edge Developments is poised to make a substantial contribution. The remarkable sales achievements in the first quarter of 2023، reaching an impressive EGP 5 billion، have propelled us to embark on this remarkable endeavor. This forms a crucial part of our ambitious plans to achieve contractual sales throughout the current year، with a projected total of EGP 25 billion by year-end.

El-Dahan further highlighted the Egyptian real estate market's irresistible allure as an investment destination، driven by a steadfast and unwavering demand. City Edge Developments، boasting an extensive and diverse portfolio of exceptional residential، administrative، and commercial projects، has emerged as the coveted choice for those seeking unparalleled living experiences.

"Fastest Growing Real Estate Company in Egypt"

City Edge Developments is an Egyptian joint-stock company launched in 2017 with a capital of EGP2 billion، resulting from the collaboration between the New Urban Communities Authority under the Ministry of Housing، Utilities، and New Urban Communities، and the Housing and Development Bank (HDBK.CA)، a leading company in real estate development and asset management in the Egyptian market. The company is involved in the development and management of a distinguished portfolio of real estate projects in Egypt، encompassing various asset categories، including residential projects، commercial malls، hotels، restaurants، and administrative offices. Recently، the Company was awarded the "Fastest Growing Real Estate Company in Egypt" award and it has successfully launched 10 projects across the country since its inception to date.