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Bedour Ibrahim

El Shennawy Group to expand in construction، development and concrete production during2023

Tuesday 23/May/2023 - 06:05 PM
أصول مصر

El Shennawy Group announced the expansion of the construction، contracting، real estate development and concrete production sectors during 2023، and the continuation of providing distinguished and innovative products with its expertise of over 40 years to the Egyptian market as well as the big companies trust in the construction and real estate development sectors so that the Group has been able to contribute to the implementation of major projects، including Al-Jalala and the New Administrative Capital. 

Faraj El-Shennawy، the founder and CEO of El-Shennawy Group، declared that the Group has implemented، since its start in the Egyptian market in 1980، projects with the latest technologies while adhering to standards of quality، accuracy and the timetable specified for the completion of projects، which contributed to achieving record performance rates.

He stated that the Group has implemented major projects for the benefit of the sovereign authorities and was among the first companies that contributed to the reconstruction projects of Sinai since 1980 and thanks to its commitment، it continued to maintain the trust of the sovereign authorities and major  government and private companies.

El Shennawy Group to expand through its 40 years of expertise

El Shennawy Group" is keen on cooperating with senior consulting offices and introducing the latest technologies and equipment as well as training workers on a regular basis and raising their operational and technical expertise، maintaining  the company's progress and expansion in other sectors، he added.

He confirmed that the company has the expertise and competencies that enable it to constantly expand، implement major projects and maintain the trust of major institutions.

El Shennawy Ready mix produced more than one million square meters of concrete

He stressed that the Group took a decision in 2014، with the continuous development of the company and the increase in the achieved growth rates and the development of generations، to expand in other sectors، including ready mix concrete، and launched in 2015 El Shennawi Ready mix Company، which produced more than one million square meters of concrete and its products contributed to the implementation of advanced projects across  Egypt.

Launching El Shennawy Development in2022،  implementing a project in the Administrative Capital

He explained that the Group has expanded in the real estate sector in 2022 with the continuation of the development of generations، the company growth and desire of expansion، and its belief in the capabilities of its cadres، and the administrative capital was selected to launch the first project of El Shennawy Development projects in the fourth generation cities.

Among the national projects that El-Shennawy Group contributed to its implementation for the benefit of the sovereign authorities are the discovery of Wadi Al-Hitan in Fayoum، the Western Desert Road، El Alamein، the Free Upper Egypt Road،  Helwan،  Al Karimat، Tannan، Qaha، the Rawd Al Farag axis، the gate of Minya Road، Dahshur in October and Haykatsab، in addition to the implementation of the new cities of ElSalam، Zaafarana and Farafra، as well as the implementation of the administrative headquarters of EgyptAir in Sharm El Sheikh.

E l Shennawy Group has also implemented water and marble plants in many cities and contributed to the construction of Toshka city roads، as well as the largest blasting operation in Egypt.

The Group contributed to the implementation of major projects

E l Shennawy Group has also contributed and will continue to contribute to the development and construction of more than one project، including the residential neighborhoods R1 and R2 in the New Administrative Capital، a housing for all Egyptians project in Suez، Ahalina  6 project، the housing of Ahl Misr، and the housing of Egypt in Badr City، Ain Sokhna Road.

The city of Konooz misr  is among the projects implemented by El Shennawy Group in the city of Al-Jalala،  in Ain Sokhna،  as it  was one of the companies that contributed to the implementation of the city of Al-Jalala since 2016.