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Bedour Ibrahim

Soul Luxury Beach Resort is one of the most opulent resorts on the Mediterranean coast

Eagle Hills Properties signs a contract with Hassan Allam Construction to execute the first phase of Soul Luxury Beach Resort worth approximately EGP 2 billion

Sunday 03/September/2023 - 04:10 PM
أصول مصر

Eagle Hills Properties has announced the signing of a contract with Hassan Allam Construction for the implementation and construction of parcels 1 and 2 (Views – Island) in phase 1A of the Soul Luxury Beach Resort، located in the North Coast. The completion time expected for the construction is 960 days، with a total contract value of EGP 1،970،240،005.

The signing ceremony witnessed the attendance of Mr. Mohamed Al Abbar، Chairman of Eagle Hills Properties، and Eng. Hassan Allam، CEO at Hassan Allam Holding. 

Soul Luxury Beach Resort is one of the most opulent resorts on the Mediterranean coast. It occupies a vast 580-acre plot of land، features a sandy beachfront that extends for 1.5 kilometers، and covers an area of 300،000 square meters. The development showcases an unparalleled master plan، incorporating beach mansions and houses that boast unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea، water-front lagoons، and beautifully landscaped areas. It also offers a range of luxurious amenities such as beaches، cascading lagoons، a waterfall gate، a beach boardwalk، and an infinity pool on a pier. 

Unique underwater sculptures

Additionally، this project offers a range of activities and unique underwater sculptures for the first time in the North Coast. It also provides amenities and services that align with the overall objective of fostering a revolutionary sense of community and tranquility، including fine dining restaurants and cafes set on beautiful scenery. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Abbar، Chairman of Eagle Hills Properties، said: “I am delighted to collaborate with such a distinguished company that has a remarkable history of leadership and efficacy. Soul Luxury Beach Resort is truly exceptional and sets a new standard in the Egyptian market and the entire region. Our vision is to establish it as a vibrant and dynamic destination on Egypt’s North Coast – It is a unique location that deserves to host such an unparalleled project in the Middle East. This outstanding achievement is the result of the unprecedented alliance between global planning، construction، and design experts who have come together with the common goal of providing customers with a life and ambiance that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. 

Mr. Al Abbar also emphasized that Eagle Hills’ investment in this project demonstrates their strong belief in investing in Egypt’s North Coast region. This aligns with the company’s goal to develop Egypt’s North Coast and improve the hotel and hospitality industry، thereby helping establish Egypt as a top destination for leisure tourism in the Middle East. He also highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting the Egyptian government’s efforts in this area.

Groundbreaking projects

“We are proud of our partnership with Mr. Al Abbar، which has not only fueled the realization of groundbreaking projects but has also underscored the immense potential that emerges when two industry leaders unite in purpose. Our shared journey has fortified our commitment to innovation، excellence، and a collective vision that continues to shape the future of construction and development”، said Hassan Allam، CEO of Hassan Allam Holding. 

He added، "Over the past 15 years، Hassan Allam Construction and Mr. Al Abbar have delivered remarkable achievements، demonstrating their long-lasting collaboration which is represented across numerous joint projects. Together، we have brought the vision to reality، leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.