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Bedour Ibrahim

The collaboration aims to integrate receivables transactions into Wadi Degla Developments’ systems

Wadi Degla Developments forges strategic partnership with Subsbase to propel digital integration of real estate and banking

Monday 22/January/2024 - 04:22 PM

Wadi Degla Developments، a prominent real estate developer in Egypt، has entered a strategic partnership with Subsbase backed by Banque Misr، one of its key investors. Subsbase، a leading platform for managing recurring revenue and subscriptions. The collaboration aims to integrate receivables transactions into Wadi Degla Developments’ systems and facilitate overseas recurring payments as well. The partnership anticipates providing enhanced financial visibility، improved cash flow management، stronger customer relationships، and additional growth opportunities for Wadi Degla.

Enthusiasm for the partnership

Raymond Ahdy، Deputy CEO of Wadi Degla Developments، expressed enthusiasm for the partnership، emphasizing its significance in aligning real estate payments with modern banking services. He stated، "This move represents a substantial shift in our internal practices، reaffirming our commitment to customers by facilitating processes aligned with today’s commercial realities."

In a sector falling behind in adopting real-time payments، Wadi Degla's initiative addresses challenges like delayed payments and late fees، common with the reliance on paper checks. Real estate companies have been slow to embrace modernized payment methods، with only about 1% engaging in real-time payments. Legal and IT challenges، along with costs، contribute to this hesitation. 

Mohamed Farag، CEO of Subsbase، highlighted the impact of the partnership. "Our partnership with an industry leader such as Wadi Degla Developments is a major milestone. We're excited to demonstrate how Subsbase addresses the challenges in the real estate industry." 

Real-time payments

The partnership with Subsbase will introduce real-time payments، recognizing benefits in efficiency، cost savings، security، and a more convenient experience. 

The incorporation of Subsbase's payment systems becomes crucial amid Egypt's shift towards a cashless economy. The partnership addresses the growing prevalence of digital payments، with services valued at EGP 7.8 trillion since 2019. Ahdy highlighted the strategic importance: "This facility allows us to leverage the growing prevalence of digital payments، streamline financial processes، and enhance the overall customer experience.

The cloud-based platform enhances the management of recurring payments، automating billing processes and managing customer payments with precision. This reduces business overhead، time savings، and improves operational effectiveness. 

Responding to various industry requirements

“Our flexibility allows us to respond to various industry requirements and keep up with the changing demands in this market. Plus، our smooth integration with CRM and ERP systems helps reduce the chances of human errors،” Farag said.

The initial phase involves integration with all Egyptian banks and payment providers as well as international banks to enable seamless transactions. The platform capabilities play a significant role in the facilitation of transactions that involve foreign currencies، ensuring they are conducted automatically and in real-time، paving the way for Wadi Degla Developments' contribution to the real estate export initiative.

“This collaboration with Wadi Degla will be a case study that will inspire fresh thinking and innovation throughout the industry. Our future success will encourage others to embrace new approaches in the field،" said Sherif Aziz، Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Subsbase.

Wadi Degla aims to offer customers a worry-free overseas payment facility through the Subsbase platforms، enhancing overall satisfaction and convenience. Raymond Ahdy concluded by emphasizing the global reach of Wadi Degla and the significance of Subsbase in facilitating transactions and collections across borders. He stated، "Subsbase's capabilities become pivotal to ensure transactions are conducted smoothly across borders، contributing significantly to Wadi Degla's ability to cater to a global clientele and create a more inclusive experience for our expanding customer base."

Wadi Degla  Developments’ land portfolio

Wadi Degla Developments is a fully integrated real estate developer established in 2005 as one of Wadi Degla Holding's companies. Over 19 years، Wadi Degla Developments has left its unique mark at prime locations across Egypt as some of the most refined residential and commercial projects and resorts equipped with best-in-class amenities and services and built with robust infrastructure. The company’s land portfolio amounts to 5.5 million sqm spanning 16 projects، including residential neighborhoods such as Pyramids Walk، River Walk، Tijan Maadi، Tijan Zahraa El Maadi، Canal Residence، Victoria Residence، Club Town، Promenade New Cairo، and Neopolis، in addition to touristic resorts including Marina Wadi Degla، Blumar El Dome، Blumar Sokhna، Blumar Hills، Blumar Sidi Abdel Rahman، and Murano. 

A subscription management platform

Subsbase is a cutting-edge recurring revenue and subscription management platform، empowering businesses with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless payment، subscription، and invoice management. Companies can now efficiently manage operations using our flexible، out-of-the-box SaaS platform، customizing recurring revenue or subscription offerings to their specific needs. Our core strength lies in unmatched flexibility، allowing businesses to tailor plans، pricing، and billing cycles to meet unique requirements. Smart automation streamlines tasks، saving time and enhancing efficiency، serving businesses of all sizes and industries.