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Bedour Ibrahim

With a business volume of 4 billion pounds annually

CEQUENS showcases its milestones in Egypt and the region، unveils future strategies

Monday 29/January/2024 - 08:50 PM
أصول مصر

CEQUENS’s business volume amounts to EGP 4 billion annually.

Khorshed: We have created 270 job opportunities in the region with a focus on Egypt، fostering employment and skill development. 

Shabrawy: We are driven by innovation and enthusiastic about diversifying our portfolio of services.

CEQUENS، the global omnichannel communication platform that offers integrated communication channels such as SMS، voice، and other messaging applications، has announced its key milestones achieved in Egypt and across the region and revealed its growth strategies. CEQUENS has been transforming business communication in Egypt and across the globe since 2011. The company's business volume amounts to EGP 4 billion annually، securing an average of 270 job opportunities globally.

Completely self-funded

The award-winning communication platform، which has been completely self-funded thus far، has been a transformative force in the communications field for over 13 years، enabling businesses and developers to connect with a global customer base. The success of the company has opened doors to opportunities، and today، CEQUENS serves over 1،200 organizations in more than 150 countries across six offices worldwide. Looking ahead to 2024، the platform aims to introduce several innovative services، revolutionizing the communication sector، as part of its five-year expansion plan. 

On this occasion، technopreneur Karim Khorshed، Co-founder and CEO of CEQUENS، stated; "As we approach our 13th anniversary، it’s fair to say that CEQUENS is an Egyptian success story. Since our launch in 2011، we have created 270 job opportunities in the region with a focus on Egypt، fostering employment and skill development. Additionally، over 70% of CEQUENS' experienced leadership team is Egyptian. We couldn't be prouder of the role we've played in the communications field and our contribution to Egypt’s national growth agenda.”

“Additionally، we've always prioritized the state’s “Digital Egypt” initiative، as CEQUENS has been a key player in driving digital transformation in Egypt. Facilitating technological advancement and empowering businesses in the digital era are our top priorities”.

Adopting technological advancements

For his part، Ahmed Shabrawy، Chief Research & Innovation Officer of CEQUENS، added، "CEQUENS has played a pivotal role in adopting and contributing to technological advancements. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology is unwavering. We are driven by innovation and enthusiastic about diversifying our portfolio of services، which currently spans a full suite of offerings which cover applications، communication APIs، and connectivity solutions. Within CEQUENS، we passionately integrate AI into our solutions، enhancing communication and fostering innovation. It's not just about adopting new technologies; it's about revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate".

CEQUENS was initially founded in 2011 in Cairo، Egypt، and is headquartered in Dubai، United Arab Emirates. It has since increased its activity through its diversified services that fall under three pillars: communication APIs، applications، and connectivity solutions. CEQUENS provides its solutions to more than 1،200 enterprise customers in 150+ countries، serving a range of industries including BFSI and Fintech، retail، logistics and delivery، and healthcare. Clients of CEQUENS include Google، Alibaba، Amazon، TikTok، Decathlon، Telegram، Vodafone، and Delivery Hero. Additionally، CEQUENS is recognized as a Meta WhatsApp Business partner and serves as a value-added service provider for Microsoft Teams Phone voice services. Moreover، CEQUENS is PCI DSS، ISO 27001، 27017، and 27018 certified.