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Simultaneously with the excavation work's completion, the project's concrete pouring began

“Urbnlanes Developments” Forge Strategic Partnership with “Moharram Bakhoum – ACE” for Engineering Consultancy over Levels Business Towers NAC Project in the New Administrative Capital

Monday 08/July/2024 - 03:47 PM
أصول مصر

Urbnlanes Developments، a leading Kuwaiti real estate firm and a subsidiary of the Emeel Abdalla Investments، has unveiled a strategic partnership with Moharram Bakhoum - ACE Engineering Consultations Company. 

This alliance will oversee the engineering and construction consulting for the Levels Business Tower project in the New Administrative Capital. This collaboration is set to significantly bolster Urbnlanes Developments' capacity to deliver innovative real estate projects that uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship and cater to customer needs while aligning with Moharram Bakhoum's vision of delivering advanced engineering solutions.

The agreement was signed by Eng. Fadi Emeel Abdalla، CEO of Urbnlanes Developments، and Engineer Ahmed Muharram، Chairman of the Board of Directors of Muharram Bakhoum - ACE، in the presence of Eng. Emeel Abdalla، Chairman of Urbnlanes Developments، and Eng. Shadi Emeel Abdalla، Managing Director of Urbnlanes، along with senior leaders from both companies. This partnership aligns with Urbnlanes Developments' strategy to reinforce its position as a leading real estate developer in Egypt by leveraging Moharram Bakhoum Company's extensive expertise in construction consultancy.

 The completion of excavation work 

Concurrently، Urbnlanes Developments announced the completion of excavation work and the start of concrete pouring for the Levels Business Tower project. The Levels Tower، is set to feature commercial، entertainment، and hospitality facilities، including the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Administrative Capital. Scheduled to open in 2028، the hotel will boast 110 rooms and will be managed by the renowned IHG Hotels & Resorts group. It promises guests a unique blend of comfort، luxury hospitality، and upscale accommodation with modern amenities and exceptional services

The tower stands out for its exceptional design and use of high-quality materials، and it is strategically situated in the heart of the Administrative Capital. Positioned along the central row of tourism towers in the city center area، it is conveniently located five minutes from the "Iconic Tower" and three minutes from the Al Masa Hotel. It offers quick access with three minutes to the light rail and monorail and only four minutes to the government district and the Misr Mosque. With direct views of the Green River، it is an ideal destination for tourists and business professionals.

Significant expertise

With over 36 years of experience in building and construction in the State of Kuwait، during which it has constructed more than 25 towers، the company has demonstrated significant expertise in tower construction. Urbnlanes Developments is committed to providing exceptional infrastructure. The Levels Tower includes comprehensive logistical services including an entire ground floor and another on the 21st floor dedicated to logistical & maintenance services، including water، electricity، air conditioning، maintenance، and fire and gas extinguishers، ensuring efficient services across all floors. Four offices per floor are also designated to oversee these services. This reflects Urbnlanes’ vision، which not only aims to develop real estate projects that meet the highest standards of excellence and profitability but also strives to provide exceptional experiences with superior quality and craftsmanship، fulfilling customer needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

Commenting on the partnership، Eng. Fadi Emeel Abdalla، CEO of Urbnlanes Developments، said: "We are pleased to announce our partnership with Moharram Bakhoum – ACE" for Engineering Consultancy. We have chosen the top engineering consulting firm in Egypt to build the Levels Business Towers project in the Administrative Capital and implement innovative projects that enhance our customers' lives and contribute to societal development. Our commitment is always to deliver the highest quality to our customers." He also added، "The commencement of concrete pouring for the construction of Levels Business Tower، which includes the Crowne Plaza Hotel، demonstrates Urbnlanes' dedication to accelerating the development of unique real estate projects that cater to the needs of the growing Egyptian market. This commitment is built on our extensive experience of over 36 years in Kuwait." 

collaborating with Urbnlanes Developments

Eng. Ahmed Muharram، Chairman of the Board of Directors of Muharram Bakhoum - ACE، commented: "We are proud to collaborate with Urbnlanes Developments، a reputable entity with extensive experience in real estate development. We are excited to begin work on the Levels Tower project، known for its innovative and creative design. We are committed to providing the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We are confident that this partnership will be a valuable addition to ACE's project portfolio and will strengthen our position as a leading engineering consultancy in Egypt and the Arab world، with a history spanning over 50 years across the Middle East، Africa، Asia، and Eastern Europe."

Eng. Shadi Emeel Abdalla، Managing Director of Urbnlanes، added: "The Levels Tower is unique، from its innovative design and horizontal construction method to its high-quality materials designed to withstand pressure and natural phenomena.

An exceptional experience 

This project builds on our experience constructing over 20 towers in Kuwait under the brand name Levels that provides an exceptional experience that meets our customer's needs. We are confident that the expertise of Moharram Bakhoum will align with our aspirations to deliver real estate projects that achieve the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship." He affirmed، "We are committed to implementing the highest standards of quality and sustainability at all stages، using environmentally friendly materials، in line with Egypt's efforts to achieve environmental sustainability." 

Levels Tower offers an exceptional real estate experience tailored to diverse customer segments. It features multiple levels، each with its own unique narrative. From the ground floor to the fourth floor، Levels Mall caters to families with a commercial mall designed in white، creating a warm and joyful atmosphere through the sun’s reflections. 

 Expansive administrative offices 

Moving up، the “SELENE” area on the fifth to fifteenth floors offers elegant gray-themed small office spaces. On the sixteenth to twenty-fifth floors، the “SOL SUN” area presents expansive administrative offices designed in luxurious black، exuding a sense of luxury. Lastly، spanning from the twenty-sixth to the thirty-sixth floors، the “ARURA” area، situated at the Tower’s highest point، accommodates management offices and hotel apartments with stunning views of the clouds and the New Administrative Capital. Its comforting blue interior design complements underground parking facilities.

The Levels Business Towers stands out with its innovative design that embodies a unique blend of luxury and functionality، making it an ideal destination for shopping، working، and living in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. Urbnlanes prioritizes construction quality and sustainability. 

First Group company، responsible for construction، has brought its extensive Kuwaiti experience، equipment، and engineers to Egypt، ensuring precise execution of all Urbnlanes projects with high reliability and efficiency. This dedication enabled them to achieve ISO certification in Kuwait three times for construction، concrete، and iron quality standards. Urbnlanes is also pursuing LEED certification for Levels Business Towers، a prestigious international recognition for environmentally friendly buildings، underscoring its commitment to global sustainability standards.