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Bedour Ibrahim

120 Trucks Transporting 2,000 Tons of Ready to Eat Food Supplies

Egyptian Food Bank Launches Second Convoy to Aid Palestinian Families in Gaza

Thursday 09/November/2023 - 03:35 PM
أصول مصر

In furtherance of its commitment to supporting Palestinian families and its dedication to providing comprehensive forms of urgent instant assistance and relief، the Egyptian Food Bank has announced the launch of its second aid convoy destined for the Gaza Strip. The convoy will pass through the Rafah border crossing from Egypt to Gaza، comprising 120 trucks، marking the largest convoy from the Egyptian Food Bank to date. These trucks are loaded with 2،000 tons of aid، intended to serve 150،000 Palestinian families.

The launch of second convoy 

The launch of the second convoy underscores the Egyptian Food Bank's unwavering commitment to providing support and assistance during times of crisis and hardship، ensuring the necessary aid is instantly available. Moreover، The Egyptian Food Bank has established a kitchen in the city of El-Arish، where 3،000 hot meals are prepared daily for relief workers and the field hospital in Rafah. Additionally، Egyptian Food Bank is providing e-vouchers worth EGP 1،000 per month in partnership with the "Alashanek Ya Balady" foundation to support 2،000 Palestinian students residing in Egypt on monthly basis. 

The Egyptian Food Bank had previously declared a state of high readiness and mobilized its cooperating associations and volunteers to aid Palestinians، aligning with the Egyptian government’s stance in support of the Palestinian cause under the umbrella of the National Alliance for Civil Development Work. Egyptian Food Bank sent its first convoy، encompassing41 trucks loaded with 50،000 food boxes equivalent to 500 tons، each box sufficient for a family of five for two weeks، as part of its strategic relief program، which is one of the most robust initiatives by the Egyptian Food Bank aimed at alleviating the suffering of crisis-affected individuals.