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Bedour Ibrahim

"Talaat Mostafa" signed protocol with Education Ministry to establish "Applied Technology School"

Sunday 22/January/2023 - 11:41 PM

The  Arab Projects and Urban Development Co.، a subsidiary of Talaat Moustafa Holding Group، signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministryof Education and Technical Education to establish the Talaat Mostafa School for Applied Technology، Al-Shorouk Ed. Administration، Cairo Governorate.
The cooperation protocol was signed today، at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education، Mr. Hisham Talaat Mustafa، CEO and Managing Director of Talaat Mustafa Holding Group، and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Megahed، Deputy Minister of Education for Technical Education Affairs، in the presence of a number of the ministry’s leaders and the Group officials.

"Talaat Mostafa" built unique cities and urban

Mr. Hisham Talaat Mostafa، CEO of the Arab Company for Projects، stated that the Group has succeeded over the course of its journey in urban development for over more than 50 years، in establishing and managing unique cities and urban communities in a manner that establishes the true concept of integrated and sustainable development.
Its utmost  priority is to build a person capable of dealing with all the facts of the modern era، because man was and will remain the main axis and focal point of development as the technical education is the most important tool to achieve this، he confirmed.

Hisham Talaat Mostafa: the group's most important priority is Human development 

He indicated that the cooperation protocol comes within the group's keenness to contribute and participate in completing the building of the Egyptian person in line with the state's vision to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development، which is one of the most important goals that Talaat Moustafa Group has saught to achieve.

He assured that the development of technical education is one of the tools for building the man  and therefore Talaat Moustafa Group contributed to the Applied Technology Schools program، as the beginning of that was its admiration for the idea of applied technology schools، by supporting the Metwally El Shaarawy School of Applied Technology، from which hundreds of students graduated and immediately entered the labor market which seeks more of them every day.

The protocol aims to establish a school specialized in landscapes

His Group contributes again to Talaat Mostafa School of Applied Technology to train students in designing sites and landscaping، as it is one of the main areas witnessing remarkable growth in the Egyptian real estate market and this new school is scheduled to open and operate during the next academic year.

Talaat Mostafa School of Applied Technology aims to provide internationally accredited educational curricula that keep pace with their world counterparts، as well as opportunities for students to train in the projects of Talaat Mustafa Group، he said.

Hisham Talaat Mostafa: allocating more than LE 5 billion to invest in community development

He emphasized that Talaat Mostafa Group believes in the need to embody its social responsibility as a "moral and professional" value that guarantees real development for society and the development of the citizen's life، as the Group allocated more than LE 5 billion over the last 5 years for investment in the community development arena.

The Group is keen to advance the concept of social responsibility by converting it into long-term investments that ensure achieving sustainable benefit by adopting and implementing initiatives that contribute to building the human being، creating the future and serving society in all fields، especially the sectors of health، education، economic empowerment، and qualifying students for the labor market and community development، he added.

Launching "Makers of Tomorrow" name on the series of Applied Technology Schools  

On the sidelines of the signing of a cooperation protocol between Talaat Mustafa and the Ministry of Education، Mr. Hisham Talaat Mustafa، CEO and Managing Director of Talaat Mustafa Holding Group،  proposed to establish the "Makers of Tomorrow" School for Applied Technology، which was welcomed by Reda Hijazi، the Minister of Education and Technical Education.

It will produce many graduates trained in the most important skills required in the labor market and the latest technological means in the industrial field، in order to express the content of our vision and desired goals for this country. 

The second school sponsored by Talaat Mostafa Group

The Talaat Mustafa School for Applied Technology is the second school sponsored by the Talaat Mustafa Holding Group in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education، after the Imam Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy School of Applied Technology.
This school is specialized in training students on various maintenance works and architectural finishes، as part of the Modern Applied Technology Schools project، in partnership with the private sector، he noted.

"The importance of social responsibility for "Talaat Moustafa

Talaat Moustafa Holding Group believes in the importance of social responsibility، and is therefore keen to diversify its societal contributions to include several fields and categories، as it includes the educational، health، and sports sectors، as well as the development of slums، and its participation with a number of major development entities، within the project of developing slums in Egypt.

It contributes also to Medical edifices such as Hospital 57357 for the treatment of children’s cancer، the Ahl Masr Hospital for the treatment of burns، the National Cancer Institute، and the Noor Hayat convoy for the treatment of eye diseases، in addition to its support for athletes and stars of individual and team sports، as well as providing care for children and people with special needs، and the group also contributes to providing job opportunities for young people in its various projects.