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Bedour Ibrahim

"MODON Development" Company launched a promotional campaign

Worthy Asset Cities to look for: " MODON Development"... the story of 100 projects

Thursday 02/February/2023 - 03:41 PM
أصول مصر

"MODON Development" Company stated that the  adoption of an expansion plan for the year 2023، aims to implement various projects with the highest levels of quality and contribute to maintaining the credibility and confidence of MODON's clients.

"MODON Development" Company launched a promotional campaign under the name "Modon is a worthy asset to look for"، and the voice of the campaign was performed by the valuable artist Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra.

The campaign highlighted the expertise of the "MODON Development" Company، during which it presented to the Egyptian market a set of various projects، containing more than 100 residential towers in Nasr City neighborhood. 

Luxurious products

"MODON Development" Company was one of the companies that implemented residential compounds، offering luxurious products of the highest quality at competitive prices and spaces that meet the needs of the largest segment of customers.

"MODON Development" Company implemented the Garden View compound in the Fifth Settlement، which includes 75 villas، as well as Sephora، with a total of 630 housing units.

"MODON Development" Company is among the most prominent companies that own a portfolio of various projects in the New Administrative Capital، where it has implemented an international school on the latest scientific technologies and 6 major projects that are currently being implemented in the Administrative Capital: the Tower، Modon Hotel & residence، Modon mega tower، Central iconic tower، Green River tower، M business tower.

The first hotel in the central business district and the largest tower on the Green River، with a height of 30 floors are among the projects of "MODON Development" Company in the New Administrative Capital.

"MODON Development" Company is keen to adopt the latest building  technologies that keep up with the trends of green and sustainable construction and preserve the environment،  as well as the Company achieves the highest performance rates with its existing projects.