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Bedour Ibrahim

MARAKEZ strives to provide a modern retail environment

MARAKEZ partners with LUCKY FINANCIAL to offer exclusive credit and cashback offers to Mall of Arabia and Mall of Tanta’s visitors

Sunday 05/March/2023 - 07:53 PM
أصول مصر

MARAKEZ and the leading fintech app LUCKY FINANCIAL come together to launch Extra cashback through Lucky one card at Mall of Arabia and Mall of Tanta، with plans to extend to other developments 

MARAKEZ، the award-winning mixed-use real estate developer، has announced a partnership agreement with LUCKY FINANCIAL to provide credit products and extra cashback for shoppers visiting the Mall of Arabia and Mall of Tanta. 

The partnership is aimed at providing more value to shoppers and encouraging them to avail the benefits of LUCKY ONE card which connects more than 20،000 brands and retailers directly to consumers.


Under this agreement، MARAKEZ’s Mall of Arabia and Mall of Tanta customers using the LUCKY ONE Card receive extra cashback on every purchase made at Mall of Arabia and/or Mall of Tanta. The LUCKY ONE Card also allows users to enjoy the convenience of hassle-free payment of utility bills through the smartphone either by monthly installments or cashback options along with other mobile-friendly banking features. 

The agreement was signed by MARAKEZ Chief Commercial Officer Ashraf Maklad and Co-Founders & CEO of LUCKY FINANCIAL Ayman Essawy at the Mall of Arabia in the presence of other officials. 

Implementing digital engagement in a high-value retail sector is an exciting venture and the partnership solidifies the good rapport established between MARAKEZ and LUCKY FINANCIAL. 

MARAKEZ strives to provide a modern retail environment that is safe and secure. Moreover، the company’s collaborative efforts with leading industry players enable it to exceed the expectations of its customers — including mall patrons، homeowners، and tenants. This strategic vision is bearing fruit through the regularity of co-innovation partnerships. 

Commenting on this occasion، MARAKEZ Chief Commercial Officer Ashraf Maklad noted، “MARAKEZ nurtures trust and loyalty with its customers by bringing them new monetization opportunities through this partnership with one of the fastest growing fintech apps in Egypt.”


Unlocking the power of credit accessibility 

Ayman Essawy، Co-Founder and CEO of LUCKY FINANCIAL said، “Unlocking the power of credit accessibility and affordability is at the core of our mission at LUCKY، and we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities that our partnership with Marakez will bring to our esteemed users. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way customers shop، providing them with convenient access to financing options & highest cashbacks delivering an unparalleled purchasing experience.”

The shopping mall experience 

Over the years، MARAKEZ has played a significant role in transforming the shopping mall experience consistent with today’s society. By providing cutting-edge first-of-its-kind features in its different developments including an in-mall jogging track، in-mall governmental services، in-mall nursery، in-mall gym، in-mall co-working spaces and a unique “in-mall small farm” within Noon by Fagnoon comprising family-friendly outdoor activities، MARAKEZ has set new standards in the function of retail stores and lifestyle options in Egypt. MARAKEZ’s Mall of Tanta which opened its doors in 2019 was completed in 18 months and is one of the first internationally-modeled malls outside Greater Cairo and Alexandria. The company’s innovation drives the need for customers to have an immersive shopping experience that’s different from what they’re used to have.