Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

Eng. Amr Soliman: Mountain View is enhancing its partnerships with mega international corporates to offer innovative products

Tuesday 14/March/2023 - 11:20 PM

Engineer Amr Soliman، Chairman and Founder of Mountain View  announced that the real estate  company is devoting its efforts this year to develop currently under construction projects in order to deliver more units to the clients، saying that around EGP 6 billion was pumped
to accelerate the construction pace in various projects to meet deadlines scheduled with clients.

Engineer Amr Soliman، Chairman of Mountain View

EGP 6 bn pumped during 2023 to accelerate constructions pace

Soliman added that Mountain View is in continuous talks with mega international companies to boost cooperation in presenting innovative and unique urban planning that could meet the various needs of clients، in addition to achieving added value in the
Egyptian real estate market.

He added that the money allocated for completing investment projects this year will be used for upgrading new phases، as well as expanding the services that the company offers
through launching new commercial projects or investing in foreign markets to repeat its  successful journey in various markets. 

Mountain View is keen on presenting unique products to the real estate market in Egypt، not only for its high quality standards، but also for the services allowed to clients، in addition to introducing new definitions to its projects، among them “The Science of
Happiness”، which makesitt

he first real estate company in the MENA region to adapt this psychologicaln definition and apply its terms in implementing its projects.

The Egyptian leading real estate market stated that its target is to create a happy  environment for its clients، not only building and selling units; Mountain View
signed a partnership agreement with the Delivering Happiness

coach consulting company to achieve this target، and it is also one of the leading real estate ncompanies to adapt sustainability and eco-friendly measurements in
its projects.

Delivery and sales

More than 2000 units were delivered this year compared to 1500 units in 2022 

Mountain View’s CEO said that company delivered 1500 units in 2022 and is expected to  deliver over 2000 units in 2023. 

 Mountain View made a leap in real estate sales، as the total amount of sales increased  rom EGP 2 billion in 2018 to EGP 31 billion in 2022، as a result of launching
new projects in the west and east of Cairo and Ras Al Hekma in the North Coast that were met with client trust.

Crown Palace، Mountain View’s latest project in east Cairo achieved sales that reached up to EGP two billion in only 24 hours، along with EVIA’s sales in the North Coast that went up to EGP five billion in only a few days، among them EGP two billion in only 24 hours.
Soliman added that the total amount of investment that Mountain View pumped in 2022
and is scheduled to be pumped in 2023 reached to EGP 11 billion. 

Excellence and innovation
Soliman said that Mountain View is keen on choosing strategic locations for its projects that are close to the main roads and highways in order to ease the transportation process for their residents. It is also assigning mega international companies in urban design to produce unique and classy building designs to meet clients needs.

He added that Mountain View’s work policy is fundamentally based on three axes: setting real market research to know the changing clients’ needs، forming a team that gathers youth’s expertise and creative mindsets to create urban designs and products that meet the
mentioned needs، in addition to introducing added value to the real estate market، while the third axis is assigning mega international companies in urban planning to set
designs for innovative ideas. 

Mountain View had introduced brand new products in the real estate market in Egypt، among them the conceptof“ iVilla”، which offers the clients the privilege of
living in a villa for the price of an apartment. 

There alestat ecompany assigned a number of experienced engineers to design the iVilla،
which consisted of four apartments in one building of two stories، with private entrances، gardens، and even roofs based on the client’s needs.

Mountain View has innovated also” Millennials Apartment”، which bared in mind the needs of clients of doing sports، living and working remotely، the way that becomes commonly used nowadays.

The Millennnials Apartments co mprised a terrace of an area that could reach 20 square meters to contain various outdoor activities، for example: family and friend gatherings، work، doing sports.