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Bedour Ibrahim

Koun is characterized by its unique location

A Visionary Partnership between Mabany Edris and the Engineering Consulting Bureau (ECB) to supervise "Koun’s” construction in Ras El Hikma

Wednesday 15/November/2023 - 07:13 PM
أصول مصر

Mabany Edris Development has partnered with the Engineering Consulting Bureau (ECB) one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering consulting companies to supervise the construction of "Koun” Ras Al Hikma. This strategic collaboration underscores Mabany Edris' unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality construction، accurate engineering، and architectural designs، thereby achieving the highest standards of quality and innovation. 

Koun is characterized by its unique location that harmoniously blends the beauty of nature with modern and high-end architectural designs that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of its clients. Koun is located at Kilo 201 Alexandria – Matrouh Road on the northwest coast spanning over 447،657.5 square meters with approximately EGP 6 Billion total investment as part of the company's expansion plan in its various projects. 

Eng. Mohamed Edris، Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mabany Edris Development signed the contract with Dr. Mohamed Abdulghani، Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Engineering Consulting Bureau (ECB) In the presence of representatives from both companies. With the signing of the agreement، supervision of the implementation process began، ensuring the delivery of the project within 4 years. 

Integrated projects

"Koun" is not simply a project for Mabany Edris; rather، it's the company's first residential، entertainment، and tourism project in the North Coast، demonstrating the company's commitment to provide its clients with integrated projects. The first and second phases of "Koun،" which have a strong appeal to a wide spectrum of clients، have already sold out due to high client demand.

Eng. Edris expressed his satisfaction with the contract with the Engineering Consulting Bureau (ECB)، emphasizing that the collaboration with a large office specializing in engineering and architectural consultations، which will supervise the implementation of "Koun" in North Coast، will form a strong and integrated work team to serve the Egyptian real estate market and provide clients with a more distinguished real estate product that enhances their confidence in the company’s ability to meet all their needs.

Eng. Edris underlined the collaboration as an opportunity to successfully execute all project stages in accordance with the highest engineering and architectural standards، ensuring the successful completion of "Koun" in a distinctive manner، aligning with the company's strategy of pioneering unique real estate projects in Egypt. 

Delivery within 4 years

“Koun” stands out with its unique construction percentage، comprising only 15% of the total area، with the rest devoted to lagoons، landscapes، swimming pools، and essential services. It is noteworthy that construction has started following the summer season with the first phase of units slated for delivery within 4 years. This leaves us ahead of schedule and pumps EGY 300 million into the construction work of the project during 2023 and in accordance with the projects timelines and standards ensuring the production of high-quality products.

In the same context، Dr. Engineer Abdel Ghani affirmed that overseeing “Koun” with Mabany Edris was due to the company’s extensive expertise، the project's location، and the unique design feature that provides all units a waterfront view. 

For ECB، "Koun" represents a valuable addition to its extensive portfolio، with a construction investment value of around EGY 3.5 billion، a portfolio which includes collaborations with over 60 major clients in both public and private sectors ensuring value، creativity، and moral solutions for nearly 320 projects. 

A growing global team

Through a wide range of engineering and consulting expertise equipped with a growing global team، The company employs 900 professional cadres، including 700 experienced engineers with knowledge across various engineering domains. The company also supervises projects outside Egypt in 9 countries، including the United Kingdom، through its London office branch and in Arab and African countries like Tanzania، Rwanda، Sudan، Saudi Arabia، and the Emirates.

It is noteworthy that "Koun"، offers a modern، luxurious، and innovative range of residential، recreational، and tourism properties on the North Coast، including twin houses، townhouses، chalets، duplexes، and independent units. Mabany Edris aims to elevate the real estate market by ensuring that customers receive a valuable investment at a price commensurate with its worth.