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Bedour Ibrahim

The forum is a call for all stakeholders to engage in dialogue

UN Global Compact Annual Forum Empowers Sustainable Development Efforts

Wednesday 03/April/2024 - 05:53 PM
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•      Ayman Ismail: “UNGCNE strives to catalyze concrete actions towards achieving a more sustainable world.

The United Nations Global Compact Network Egypt (UNGCNE) is proud to announce the launch of the first edition of the UN Global Compact Annual Forum. Scheduled to take place on May 20th and 21st، this inaugural event marks the beginning of a yearly gathering aimed at acting as a catalyst for collaborative efforts between the private sector، international organizations، civil society، academia، and other stakeholders. Africa’s representatives will engage in discussions covering diverse challenges، best practices، and the way forward، thus enriching the discourse and facilitating the exchange of innovative solutions that enhance sustainability and promote responsible business strategies.

With a focus on identifying strategies to create an enabling environment for accountable businesses، the forum aligns with Egypt's 2030 Vision for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Themed “Pathways to Sustainable Africa،” and in collaboration with Africa Business Leaders Coalition، the forum features six essential panel discussions that delve into critical topics، including climate finance، education، green hydrogen، sustainable communities، responsible supply chains، and food security. These thematic areas have been carefully selected based on prevailing global sustainability trends for the year 2024، thoroughly scrutinizing the UN's Six Transition principles.

"The UN Global Compact Annual Forum underscores the critical importance of harnessing the power of the private sector to drive meaningful progress on sustainable development،" said Ayman Ismail، Chairman of the UNGCNE Board. "This forum is a call for all stakeholders to engage in dialogue and concerted endeavors to tackle the world's most pressing challenges through innovative solutions."

"We look forward to catalyzing meaningful dialogue and concrete measures that propel the private sector towards a future defined by resilience، inclusivity and sustainable business practices،" added Ismail. "Collective action across all spheres of society will be critical for realizing a more sustainable world."

The pioneering two-day event represents a pivotal platform where diverse entities can unite to create an environment that nurtures ethical leadership and provides unified pathways towards sustainable development across Africa and the globe. The forum aims to cultivate sustainable collaboration to address key global challenges through cross-sector partnerships. It emphasizes Egypt's pivotal role in uniting continents and facilitating alliances. Additionally، it seeks to mobilize active private sector participation on sustainability، ethical supply chains، and leadership while advancing the global transition to cleaner، sustainable energy sources through the Six Transition Framework.