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Bedour Ibrahim

The EFB hosted a visit for esteemed guests

Egyptian Food Bank Leads the Way in Al Adha Sacrifice Program for the 19th Year in a Row

Wednesday 29/May/2024 - 08:28 PM
أصول مصر

Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) announces the official launch of its 2024 Al Adha Sacrifice Program، upholding its legacy as the nation's leading organization in this space. 

The program، themed "Sacrifice with the Pioneer in Egypt،" ensures the distribution of high-quality sacrificial meat to deserving families across all corners of the country، at the most competitive prices ranging between EGP 6،300 for imported meat، EGP 9،700 for Baladi meat، and EGP 690 for Sadaka meat distributed throughout the year.


To showcase its commitment to excellence، the EFB hosted a visit for esteemed guests، including Dr. Osama Al Azhari، Advisor to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt for Religious Affairs، Mohsen Sarhan، CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank، Dr. Reda Sukkar، CEO of Agricultural Production Activities at EFB، EFB ambassadors Dr. Norhan Kandil and media personality Tamer Bashir، alongside media representatives. The visit took place at Wafra Farm، the EFB's expansive farm in Beheira Governorate. This state-of-the-art facility exemplifies the EFB's dedication to providing the highest quality sacrificial meat from the best cattle breeds raised using cutting-edge global techniques for distribution to deserving families across Egypt.

Distributing meat throughout the year 

Building upon its 18-year legacy، EFB's Al Adha Sacrifice Program streamlines the sacrificial process for donors spearheading the annual Sacrifice Campaign before Al Adha Feast. Within the program، donors can entrust EFB to slaughter and distribute meat throughout the year to deserving families across all Egyptian governorates، adhering to Sharia Fatwa No. 1732 of 2006. This aligns perfectly with the EFB's core principle، "Food… A Basic Life Need،" and its four pillars: Protection، Prevention، Empowerment، and Enhancement. 

The 2024 Sacrifice Program offers a variety of options to suit individual preferences. Donors can choose between imported sacrifice (EGP 6،300 with 7 kg of meat) or Baladi sacrifice (EGP 9،700 with 9 kg of meat). Additionally، the program allows for the purchase of an entire Baladi calf (equivalent to 7 sacrifices) at EGP 67،900 (providing 63 kg of meat) or an imported calf (equivalent to 7 sacrifices) for EGP 44،100 (providing 49 kg of meat). For those seeking to contribute to year-round charitable food distribution، Sadaka meat (3 kg) is available at EGP 690.

Adhering to Islamic law 

The slaughtering process will adhere to Islamic law، commencing 20 minutes after sunrise on the first day of Al Adha Feast during the designated days of Tashreeq (11th، 12th، and 13th of Dhul-Hijjah) and continuing until the afternoon of the fourth day. This applies to both sacrifices inside and outside Egypt. EFB، in collaboration with partner associations، will distribute a total of 18 kg of Baladi sacrificial meat to deserving families across the nation. This meticulous distribution is based on a comprehensive database، ensuring each family receives a fair share (1 kg of meat). Notably، the Baladi sacrificial meat is distributed during Al Adha Feast، while the imported sacrificial meat is distributed throughout the year across all governorates. 

“We at the EFB were the first to establish the Sacrifice Program in Egypt in 2006، facilitating the fair distribution of sacrificial meat to the deserving groups. Over the past 18 years، we have distributed millions of tons of meat to millions of deserving individuals across Egypt، providing safe and healthy food to the most needy families and promoting the concept of 'Sacrifices،' which has become a commendable practice adopted by many prestigious associations and institutions in Egypt.” Remarked Mr. Mohsen Sarhan، CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank. 

Accepting donations

He added، “We will begin accepting donations for purchasing Baladi or imported sacrifices through our headquarters or branches in all governorates until the third day of Al Adha Feast. Slaughtering will take place during the days of Tashreeq، with meat distribution based on our database، which is regularly updated to ensure reaching the most deserving individuals across Egypt.” 

For his part، Dr. Reda Sukkar، CEO of Agricultural Production Activities at the Egyptian Food Bank، noted that Wafra Farm is one of the largest livestock production farms in Egypt and the largest farm affiliated with charitable institutions in Egypt، housing over 3،000 heads of cattle، producing 2،000 tons of meat and 25،000 tons of milk annually، covering 30% of the EFB's needs to provide safe and healthy food for beneficiaries within EFB's database. Future plans include establishing an automated slaughterhouse، fodder production farms، and a cheese and dairy factory.