Upgrading North Coast Marina Alamein meets guidance of Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities

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Sunday, 05 December 2021
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

The awarding must be seen as testament to trust in SED

NUCA awards SED the promotion & development of Marina Alamein

The New Urban Communities Authority awarded Saudi Egyptian Developers (SED) the promotion and development of latest phases of Marina Alamein.

Upgrading North Coast Marina Alamein meets guidance of Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities, as the project enjoys sustainability and success credentials at area 1,2.

Al Taher: The cooperation encompasses the promotion of a plethora of half-finished townhouses and town villas which are ready to be handed over.

SED's Chief Executive Officer Eng. Mohamed Al Taher said that cooperation with NUCA encompasses the promotion of half-finished townhouses and twin villa units, adding that the company fared well in selling a significant number of these units in a record time at prices ranging from EGP8 to 14mln, with up to EGP400mln worth of sales, leaving behind only a few unsold units.



Additionally, cooperation with NUCA furthering the construction of latest phases of North Coast Marina Alamein will take the shape of providing a set of advices as regards quality of the most preferred types of construction and services by clients, besides needs of those wishing to buy real estate in this area.

SED, having half a century-old, wide expertise in real estate development, knows very well needs of various segments of clients along with modern building types preferred by clients. "And hence, its role will focus on taking part in developing the project by means of providing consultancy, whereas NACA will act as the main developer in the project.

Mohamed Al Taher: Awarding SED for the 3rd time is a testament to our ability to perform tasks at highest level of quality and efficiency

CEO of SED Eng. Mohamed Al Taher said that awarding his own company for the 3rd time is a testament to trust in SED’s ability to execute the tasks at highest level of quality and efficiency, adding that it managed to achieve EGP6.7bn and EGP1.5bn sales at Sawary and Latin Suburb projects respectively in ten days starting from date of opening the 1st phase of the project.