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Gates Developments provides an unparalleled lifestyle

Gates Developments builds a new commercial administrative medical project on 26th of July Corridor

Thursday 09/March/2023 - 05:12 PM
أصول مصر


  • With nearly EGP 5 billion total investment Gates Developments launches its latest project “Space Commercial Complex” in Sheikh Zayed 
  • Gates Developments' latest "Space Commercial Complex" in Sheikh Zayed highlights the company's ongoing success.

The leading real estate company، Gates Developments، held a press conference in which it announced the launch of its latest project، "Space Commercial Complex" in Sheikh Zayed، one of the liveliest areas in West Cairo. This project is expected to help the company achieve its ambitious expansion plan، a diversified portfolio of projects، and huge investments through its various projects. The project has a total investment of nearly EGP 5 billion and is built on an area of 8 to 6 acres. The conference was attended by Mr. Hassan Nasr، CEO of Gates Developments، as well as Eng. Raef Fahmy، Eng. Ahmed Zaki، Eng. Kamel Ibrahim، Eng. Mohamed Diab، CEO of Inversion Consultancy، and a number of grand executives in Gates.

Unparalleled lifestye

Gates Developments provides an unparalleled lifestyle in each of its seven projects، all of which are located in prime locations، and brilliantly designed to create a healthy lifestyle and guarantee clients' privacy. The company seeks to achieve every innovative and cutting-edge aspect in the field of design and construction، while putting into consideration the use of advanced technology and sustainability.

The "Space commercial complex" project، which unites luxury and elegance in line with the modern lifestyle، is considered as one of the most significant commercial، administrative، and medical projects in Sheikh Zayed. Located in one of the most significant areas in West Cairo، where there are a variety of remarkable residential projects، and directly on the 26th of July Corridor، which makes it easy to reach from all directions.

In this context، Mr. Hassan Nasr، CEO of Gates Developments، stated that the real estate sector experienced a remarkable leap during the recent period that led to huge growth rates، considering the state's goal for urban expansion and the development of new urban communities. Since the Egyptian real estate market is in need for more projects and has the potential to utilize a lot، the company brings a solid investment plan in the real estate market by developing a number of outstanding projects and including them in its portfolio over the upcoming period، which confirms that the real estate sector is capable of handling shocks and overcoming obstacles with the continuous support of the government. The future of Egypt for the next 10 years lies in West Cairo، which has grown to be a highly attractive location for real estate investment. Gates Developments is one of the companies that constantly seeks renewal and development by using everything new to provide a distinctive product to earn the client's trust.

 A diversity of designs 

"Space Commercial Complex" is one of the most important commercial administrative medical projects in West Cairo، and we decided from the beginning to approach the project scientifically. We studied the market perfectly and determined all its strengths and weak points. Eng. Raef Fahmy designed the project’s engineering designs to align with the study، we present a diversity of designs for the 1st time in the Egyptian real estate market depending on the experiences of our strategic partners، Inversion Consultancy and Raef Fahmy Architects to launch a distinct project that provides ultimate services to Sheikh Zayed region، with the best and most prestigious engineering and architecture designs as well as the finest global style to meet our clients’ needs and boost their trust.  Additionally، we agreed with five well-known global brands to book spaces in the new trade center as well as hold partnerships with some of them، where we followed a new reversed strategy by allowing the clients to lodge and select the designs and spaces that they need before building. 

“Currently، we’re negotiating with a number of the largest global companies recognized for their efficiency in project management. Our main objective is to maintain the added value of the units and guarantee great profits for our clients through contracts as we view our client as a key partner. This is our third time working with Inversion Consultancy and Raef Fahmy Architects as we believe in their talents and have achieved remarkable success working with them. The project will be carried out applying a specialized scientific methodology." Nasr added.

“Space Commercial Complex” is one of Gates Developments’ projects which is considered a promising investment opportunity with a range of spaces starting at 50 m for the commercial units، 39 m for medical in addition to administrative units. The project has four phases، and delivery will begin after three years and half.

Strategic position

On the other hand، Eng. Raef Fahmy، the founder of Raef Fahmy Architects، claimed that this is not the first time they have worked together and that each collaboration is exceptional since they have such a highly developed intellect and used to deeply investigate the market in order to maintain their clients. With its exceptional strategic position، which also includes multiple grand residential projects، the Space commercial complex will be a great addition. This will enable the project to provide its services to Sheikh Zayed across all areas. Added، “Our attention to even the smallest details shows how much we value our clients and how determined we are to achieve success، so we are concerned that the project's designs differ from those of other projects in the Egyptian market. Through diversifying modern architecture، our company hopes to raise architectural awareness in Egypt and the Middle East.”