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Bedour Ibrahim

For the second year in a row, MARAKEZ sponsors Hana Goda, the Egyptian table tennis rising star

Once Again MARAKEZ Sponsors Hana Goda، the Youngest Egyptian National Table Tennis Champion

Thursday 11/May/2023 - 03:38 PM
أصول مصر

the leading award-winning mixed-use real estate developer، continues to sponsor Hana Goda، the youngest Egyptian national table tennis champion، for the second year in a row. Goda is the first time-ever table tennis player who tops the world rankings for girls under 15، 17 and 19 year old. Having achieved unprecedented standards، she has been marked as Africa’s first game-changer in history by the International Table Tennis Federation. 

MARAKEZ has always been a strong advocate and supporter of health، fitness، and sports. It has sponsored several Egyptian athletes before، including several Olympians، and its developments are usually marked with integrated health and sports-focused amenities. From developing the first 400-meter jogging track inside the Mall of Arabia to developing fitness clubs، sports facilities، and gyms across its developments، MARAKEZ definitely has a massive footprint as a unique sports and health supporter across its projects and in the whole community.

Breaking new records

“We are happy to continue supporting the talented rising star، Hana Goda who continues her journey towards success by breaking new records and making all Egyptians truly proud. MARAKEZ actively invests in people and promotes healthy and active lifestyles within the community through always making sure its developments have a strong fitness component.” commented Basil Ramzy MARAKEZ Chief Executive Officer. 

Expressing his enthusiasm، Hana’s father، Dr. Ayman Gouda says، “We are thrilled about the continuation of MARAKEZ sponsorship to Hana to support and encourage her to keep pursuing her dream of being an Olympian Champion. Undeniably the support of the private sector، especially developers like MARAKEZ to athletes، is invaluable in empowering them and sustaining their growth to reach excellence.”

Over the years، MARAKEZ sustained a sports component across its developments and positioned itself as a major supporter of sports and athletes. This includes the Olympians it previously sponsored، as well as the MARAKEZ Pyramids Half Marathon. Being focused on developing people، developing projects، and developing sports، Hana’s sponsorship is organic to MARAKEZ’s values and goals in supporting rising athletes to continue being the best and to maintain their status on the top of the international rankings.