The biggest campaign promotingthe Egyptian properties in 2022, Nile Properties, is poised to kick-start in a f

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Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

The exhibition is held under the auspices of Egypts Ministry of Housing

Nile Properties 2022 promotes mega investment opportunities

Tarek Shoukry: The Egyptian properties generate high returns and stability supports the market

Ahmed Shalaby: Egypt has special interest in property export and exhibitions are essential for promoting opportunities 

Basem  Kalila: A portfolio of high-end projects at the New Administrative Capital, North  Coast and Al Galala is set to be offered

The biggest campaign promoting the Egyptian properties in 2022, Nile Properties, is poised to kick-start in a few days, as the exhibition is scheduled to take place in the Arab Gulf states, the U.S. and Canada with the participation of top developers under the patronage of Egypt's Ministry of Housing.

Exhibitions organizer, Expo Republic, will launch the 1st edition of Nile Properties in 2022, the 5th edition in February 2022 in Dubai, then in Doha and Jeddah.

Nile Properties 2022 comes to keep pace with the mega development drive spearheaded by the Egyptian State and with the establishment of 4th Generation Cities that are rife with investment opportunities, notably the New Administrative Capital and New Alamein, as 2022 will see NAC becoming operational with all ministries moving and starting to operate from there.

During 2021 the Egyptian economy grew 9,8% in the 1st quarter of 2021-2022 ,the highest  in 20 years, up from 0,7% in the 1st quarter of 2020/2021. The annual growth rate is likely to be in the range of 5,5% and 5,7% late 2021/2022.

In Nile Properties 2022, the Egyptian companies are bent on introducing a myriad plethora of exquisite projects in the new cities, the 4th Generation Cities and the Egyptian coasts. They will roll out outstanding offers and facilities that are commensurate with all income segments of Egyptians, expatriates, Arabs and foreign customers.

Nile Properties 2022, where light will be shed on investment opportunities in the Egyptian market, is due to be attended by leading officials and public figures in Egypt and the Gulf Arab States.

On his part, Eng. Tarek Shoukry, under-secretary of Housing Committee at Egypt's House of Representatives, said that the Egyptian market is rife with remarkable investment opportunities and most apt to generate high returns on real estate investments owing to its overpopulation-induced and investment-driven real and growing demand. The Egyptian real estate sector, he added, has proved its resilience and was the least hampered by the economic challenges  that struck domestically and internationally.

The economic stability and security, together with Egypt's mega projects, all help bolster the attractiveness of buying and investing, he explained.

The Egyptian government is taking a series of steps to support the local and foreign investments and maintain the rights of buyers, as a set of regulatory rules is currently under consideration with the aim of organizing the real estate market and enhancing expansion plans of serious-minded companies. 

On the other hand, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Tatweer Misr Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, said that Egypt is so much interested in property export and concrete steps have been taken to prioritize this key issue through  alluring foreign investments to come to Egypt, along with those of  Egyptian expatriates and the Arab brothers abroad.



Nile Properties has fared  well in exporting the Egyptian real estate in recent years, as the company has managed to launch successful editions of the real estate shows with the participation of numerous leading developers in Egypt.

Real estate exhibitions provides an optimal venue for successfully promoting the Egyptian properties and investment opportunities, he noted, adding that Egypt is spearheading a developmental drive, matchless locally and internationally. 

Moreover, chairman of Expo Republic Dr. Basem Kalila, said that Nile Properties shows will  see in 2022 the launch of the biggest raft of real estate projects in Egypt's New Urban Communities Cities, such as New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, 6TH of October City, NAC  as well as sea coasts including Ain Sokhna, Al Galala and North Coast.



"The company is keen on offering the best real estate products in the Egyptian market, as it contracts with serious-minded developers with wide expertise in the area of accomplishing integrated top-notch urban projects.

The company adheres to all guidelines set by Egypt's Ministry of Housing as well the governmental bodies in countries hosting the real estate exhibitions, as it tries to make sure all paperwork and documents belonging to all exhibitors are correct and a significant portion of the projects that are promoted in the exhibition has already been carried out, he elaborated.

An edition of Nile Properties 2022 will be held in the Arab Gulf States next February, as the 1st edition of Nile Properties show in Dubai will kick-off from 3 to 5  February 2022  to coincide with  EXPO 2020, the biggest event taking place currently in the United Arab Emirates until March 2022. The 2nd edition of the same exhibition will take place in Qatar from 10 to 12 February, then in Riyadh from 17 to 19 February and in Jeddah from 24 to 26 February.

Nile Properties is Egypt's first real estate show that allowed developers to showcase their projects in the Arab Gulf States. It also managed to accomplish the state-sponsored property export  plan. The 1st edition of the exhibition took place in Dubai  in 2017. Early 2020 saw the launch of two shows in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates with the participation of Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities .